ejustice court management software
ejustice court management software

Artificial Intelligencce is considered one of the future’s most effective instruments of legal procedures. The major question to be addressed is whether such novel tools of procedural law, applied differently in each Court, will ensure fairness in the field of substantial and procedural law. In other words: is there such a phenomenon as artificial justice?

In our modern societies Artificial Intelligence is one of the major milestones on the way to full-scale digitalization. In terms of electronic court transformation Iceland showed impressive results in the process of digitalization. In Iceland, the court system (District and Appeal courts) conceived projects for complete digitalization of courts (powered by Casedoc) which was meant to reach full automation of operations and present innovative smart digital opportunities to facilitate judicial obligations and provide judicial environment with a collaborative and user-friendly instrument. Digital courts can have a vast diversity of performances, and they can be installed at various levels. In this regard, Icelandic courts are offering digital procedures allowing fluent communication between court institutions and clients, enabling users to submit documents electronically, execute customized reports, track and export critical data anywhere, anytime.

ejustice court management software

Things you should cover in your privacy policy

Another step to digital transformation of courts is the e-filing system.  This enables safe and secure access to specific case related information online, accelerates overall cases disposition time and endorses remote collaboration. Casedoc system provides courts with remote access to critical case data and thus promotes faster and cost-effective proceedings. Fully integrated image to text API (ABBYY supported) into Casedoc transcripts in seconds pdf files into text documents and assists better achievement of goals, such as faster case resolution, transparent process and fair trials.  Supporting ruling process with Casedoc users easily collect judicial decisions, list electronic files and publish registers for judges with just few clicks. Digital transformation not only affects day-to-day operations of courts, but also has a significant impact on judicial systems in a long term.

ejustice court management software

Five fundamental principles on the use of AI by CEPEJ

Principle of respect for fundamental rights: ensure that the design and implementation of artificial intelligence tools and services are compatible with fundamental rights. 

Principle of non-discrimination: specifically prevent the development or intensification of any discrimination between individuals or groups of individuals.

Principle of quality and security: with regard to the processing of judicial decisions and data, use certified sources and intangible data with models elaborated in a multi-disciplinary manner, in a secure technological environment.

Principle of transparency, impartiality and fairness: make data processing methods accessible and understandable, authorize external audits.

Principle “under user control”: preclude a prescriptive approach and ensure that users are informed actors and in control of the choices made.


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