Casedoc for Police Appeals Tribunals

Designed for specificity and efficiency, the Police Appeals Tribunals module from Casedoc offers a targeted solution for managing the appeals process within police services. By facilitating the submission, review, and resolution of appeals, this tool ensures a transparent and orderly approach to appeals, providing clear pathways for both appellants and authorities.

We offer a complete
range of features for 
Police Appeals Tribunals

Appeal Case Tracking

Specialized document management for ADR processes

Integration Capabilities

Accelerated integration procedures in compliance with best practices facilitate transition process.

Hearing Management

Tools to manage and schedule mediation or arbitration sessions.

Data Protection & Security Features

ISO 27001 certified and aligned with most strengent security standards.

Communication Interface

Secure drafting, storage, and confirmation of agreements.

Data Backup and Sovereign Hosting

Robust Azure Cloud policies for data backup and hosting.

Tailored to Police Appeals

Ready-to-use advanced software customaised to face the needs of Police Appeals Tribunals and facilitate the processes of capturing, storing, analysis and sharing digital evidence securely and openly.

Collect and store appeals data, manage case progress and accelerate operations in a user-friendly environment securely accessible from any location.

Casedoc advanced structure ensures all case related asstets and data are collected in the right place and are easily accessible by authorised users only.

Trusted information management, that in compliance with most stringent standards for security and data protection 

Built on Azure cloud platform, Casedoc follows quick integration procedures which facilitates transition from manual to digital.

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