Digital Court Management Evolution

Transform and optimize processes into automated, configurable and rule-based workflows and improve efficiency at all stages.

Three Pillars of Court Managment

Casedoc Court Management software is built for every court member and justice team to fluently manage registration processes, judgement and publishing processes

Process and Documentation

Process management and archiving, registration 
of incoming submissions and process of defendants 
and defense agents. Frame judgments, rulings, 
letters and notices.


In-court proceedings and processes involving different actions and/or decisions.


Interaction with external parties, prosecutors and attorneys, citizens and other related parties. Posting of reviews and messages including to criminal records and administration.

Choose a workflow or configure you own

Every court and justice team has its own 
way of working. Enjoy selecting an out-of-the-box 
workflow or create your own that match the way 
your team works best.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Casedoc integrated with your mission critical Apps

Maintain and create

Maintain and create your own document template with MS Word

Notify stakeholders

Notify stakeholders and schedule with MS Outlook


Collaboration and remote meetings with MS Teams

Secure signature

Secure signature on your shared documents with the leading signature vendors

Data Quality

Improve your efficiency and data quality by integrating with your mission critical Apps by using Casedoc API

Designed for security and scale

Configurable access control functionalities applicable for various case types allow users to view and track caseloads, 
documents and phases and control particular case accessibility.

Security and Scale

Verified and secured operations, certified with ISO 27001.

Data Encryption

Casedoc leverages encryption to safeguard your data.


All processes enroll in line with most stringent standards for security and safety.

Move work forward from anywhere

Regardless of user’s physical location Casedoc is accessible on any device and provides secure access to updated information and management of related cases.

casedoc court management software

Apple iPad

Use your favorite device at work

casedoc court management software

VPN Access Limiter

Restrict access to selected court cases

Our Features

Casedoc is a comprehensive, end-to-end courts and justice software that enables users to automate and optimize daily work processes.

Case Management

Casedoc is a standardised system for centralized operations of documents, judicial processes, running processes, sharing information and inter-team collaboration.

Case Types and Workflow

Casedoc provides a powerful workflow feature which enables administrators to set up filling, processing, approvals, appeals, reproduction and editing of case documents based on Court and Justice Administration regulations and protocols.

casedoc court management software

Task Mgmt. and Approval

Casedoc empowers teams to collaborate and work more efficiently and smoothly through the synchronization of workflow. Users may retrieve all tasks from spreadsheets, documents, emails, next steps and consolidate them all at one place. 

Templates Management

The solution has an integrated Document/Email Template Manager that makes it possible to generate documents from a template, and thus minimise wasted time and inconsistencies of manually and repetitively written standard texts.

KPI Dashboard & Metrics

Tracking court performance helps to improve accountability, increasing public trust and confidence in the judicial system, and enhancing the rule of law.

Filling and Collaboration

Backlogs of unprocessed cases are a major challenge for Court and Justice Administration with limited resources and efficiency.

Publishing Process and APIs

With a few clicks it is possible to provide valuable information to public and members and let them track easily critical data to assure on-time decision making.

Scheduling & Notification

The complete calendar feature has two core functions: to show the upcoming schedule, and to prompt users with reminders of important events. 

Automatic Judge Allocation

Casedoc’s ensures judicial cases transparency and eliminates the potential for bias. AI engine and intelligent system algorithm ensures impartial judge allocation to guarantee objective case proceedings.

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