Casedoc e-Filing Portal

Ensure secure court data exchange

Safe and reliable collaboration platform for courts and citizens that brings effective court service at hand.

Effortlessly share data with expernal parties.

Rest assured, all shared data resides in a secure area accessible only to the designated recipient, entitled to retrieve it using an electronic ID or other identification methods.

Save time and effort by sharing multiple case documents simultaniously. 

Tailor the data consumption time frame according to your specific needs, ensuring maximum control and convenience.

Access – Select – Attach – Submit

Customize the reception process, including tailored receipts for acknowledgement.

Trusted and proven solution with a track record of successful implementation over many years.

Not only can you receive data through the Portal for various applications, but you can also easily respond with answers and documents directly to the applicants.

Key Portal Benefits

Quick form submission

Going to the Court to file a claim is now in the past. Facilitated online form submission enables citizens to submit various forms from anywhere and at any time. 

Secure real-time data access

Live status updates on submitted forms makes it easier for Parties to stay informed on their case progress and instantly get important notices.

Traceability & accountability

Supervised and monitored actions of users provide unparallel visibility to the court administration and individuals utilizing the Portal services.

Flexible document selection

Convenient tailored sharing preferences by choosing specific documents or share all documents at once.

User-friendly process

Smart navigation and labeled fields makes it easier for users to follow the process and make sure they submit correct data without missing essential details.

Facilitated communication

Secured bi-directional data exchange makes it easier for both Authorities and citizens to stay updated and informed at any stage of the case.

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