Casedoc for Prosecution Services and Investigative Bodies

Empower prosecutors with Casedoc’s robust Prosecution module, designed to enhance case preparation and courtroom efficiency. This module supports the entire lifecycle of a prosecution case, from charge sheet preparation to evidence management and trial presentation, ensuring that prosecutors are well-prepared for each case.

We offer a complete range of features for 
Prosecution Services and Investigative Bodies

Case Preparation Workspace

Specialized document management for ADR processes. In Casedoc users can prepare a general case before formally presenting it to the court. Often disputes find resolution through discussions that require secure sharing of sensitive information among parties before reaching court.


Party Management

Designed to efficiently manage and coordinate all parties involved in a case, including defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, and legal representatives. This feature facilitates the seamless scheduling of appearances, ensures timely communication of case updates, and enables secure document sharing.

Charge Management

Systematise the logging and tracking of charges. Casedoc offers custom functionality for users to describe the relationship between police and the Prosecution and easily outline the key touch points where the two work together.


Integration Capabilities

Accelerated integration procedures in compliance with best practices facilitate transition process.

Data Protection & Security Features

ISO 27001 certified and aligned with most strengent security standards.

Data Backup and Sovereign Hosting

Robust Azure Cloud policies for data backup and hosting.

Tailored to Prosecution
Services and Investigative Bodies

Adaptive and flexible solution, Casedoc is tailored to address custom needs of Prosecution and Investigative bodies. It encapsulates processes and streamlines operations into intelligent automated workflows. Module-based technology advantage unlocks modern justice potencial and drives progress towards trustworthy, secure and people-centered justice.   

Arbitration and Mediation
Police Appeals Tribunals

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