Casedoc for
Mediation and Arbitration

Streamline alternative dispute resolution with Casedoc’s Mediation and Arbitration module. Designed to support mediators and arbitrators, this tool simplifies the coordination of meetings, documentation of agreements, and tracking of compliance with settlements. It fosters a collaborative environment where all parties can work towards a fair resolution.

We offer a complete
range of features
for Mediation and Arbitration

Case File Organisation

Specialized document management for ADR processes

Integration Capabilities

Accelerated integration procedures in compliance with best practices facilitate transition process.

Session Scheduling

Tools to manage and schedule mediation or arbitration sessions.

Data Protection & Security Features

ISO 27001 certified and aligned with most strengent security standards.

Agreement Documentation

Secure drafting, storage, and confirmation of agreements.

Data Backup and Sovereign Hosting

Robust Azure Cloud policies for data backup and hosting.

Tailored to Mediation and
Arbitration with predefined

Adaptive and flexible solution, Casedoc is tailored to address custom needs of Arbitration and Mediation structures. It encapsulates processes and streamlines operations into intelligent automated workflows. Module-based technology advantage unlocks modern justice potencial and drives progress towards trustworthy, secure and people-centered justice.   

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