Court Case Management

Fully Customizable Feature-Rich Solution for Courts and Justice

Casedoc is a cloud-based, end-to-end software which enables users to automate and optimize daily work processes and increase court performance.


Casedoc is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud so customers:

  • can have capacity on demand and avoid dedicated hardware costs,
  • can choose between multiple SLA, backup and disaster options depending on their specific requirements,
  • have access to the latest security, hardware and software, and
  • are assured of compliance with a broad set of operational and security standards.
Enable self-sufficiency

Highly-configurable platform which  can be easily self-managed and adapted as needed thus leading to

  • autonomy
  • flexibility
  • reduced operational costs, and
  • fast time to value
Stay Flexibile

Casedoc implementation architecture and Fast Start offerings allow the option of choice and thus users can easily evaluate the level of implementation they want to manage directly versus levaraging external experts.

Work faster, smarter and more efficient

Any court is feasible for transmiting from paper-based operations to fully automated end-to-end processes

Increased productivity

Transforming processes into automated, configurable, and rule-based workflows significantly reduces the risk of errors, enhances overal management of cases and improves the transfer of data. 

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Secure access

Based on assigned role and permissions, users can easily manage operations. Granular access ensures all users are granted with appropriate access and only see cases and data with relevant context.

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Fast TTV
(time to value)

As an end-to-end SaaS solution Casedoc brings courts exciting experience for a customer that wants to improve workflows and processes, particularly when the customer has been running outdated, difficult-to-use legacy technology for a long time. 

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Low cost of ownership

Casedoc is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud, allowing users’ access to the latest hardware and software, capacity on demand, and highest level of operational security. This ensures the lowest total cost of ownership while increasing security and compliance.


Highly customizable system which may be tailored to respond to any court needs promoting high ROI and scalable budget alignment. The system offers high response regardless of court size, work volume and process complexity, aligned with all standards, budget and operability requirements.

Get up and running fast

Built for the Azure cloud Casedoc is a feature-rich end-to-end system that offers courts
and justice institutions high-level of customization, self-sufficiency and affordability.

Task Management and Approval

⇒ Assign cases & tasks
⇒ Create & customize workflows
⇒ Define responsibilities
⇒ and more

Casedoc empowers teams to collaborate and work more efficiently and smoothly through automation and synchronization of workflows and process management.

Transparency and Impartiality 

⇒ Define Roles
⇒ Track performance
⇒ Control access
⇒ and more

Casedoc ensures judicial cases transparency and eliminates the potential for bias. Access control ensures every user is only seeing the cases aligned with their role and permissions.

Document Management and Traceability

⇒ Create documents from templates
⇒ Collect files in the right places
⇒ Track documents history
⇒ and more

All case related documentation is created/collected, stored and accessible for users with the right role and permissions. All actions are recorded and traceable in a convinient history view.

Process Automation and Calendaring

⇒ Define workflow steps
⇒ Increase calendar booking performance
⇒ Invite and notify participants
⇒ and more

Casedoc allows complete automation of paper-based processes and independent control of calendar. 

Multi-layer functionalities

A system that can be tailored in respect to any court specific practice, process, case or workflow
responding in paralel to stringent security standards and aligned with best practices.

Quick access and remote submission

Backlogs of unprocessed cases are a major challenge for Court and Justice Administration with limited resources and efficiency. With the online collaboration and self-service portal external stakeholders can enter new case records, update, add supporting material and collaborate with the administration party. This provides the involved stakeholder with excellent service, higher quality of data and improved efficiency.

On-time publishing for faster decision making

With a few clicks it is possible to provide valuable information to public and members and let them track easily critical data to assure on-time decision making. With a dedicated API for public access and on-line filling justice systems are more transparent and reliable with improved efficiency and credibility.

Templates Management (word/email)

The solution has an integrated Document/Email Template Manager that makes it possible to generate documents from a template, and thus minimize unwanted downtime and inconsistencies of manually and repetitively written standard texts. Every template comes with pre-defined information fields that are automatically populated with meta-data from the relevant case, such as the plaintiff/defendant, case number and/or other custom preferences. All templates can be linked to casetypes, workflow, or other specific contexts, to ensure they only appear in the appropriate context. This enables users to easily create and edit various documents and promotes daily communications between administrators, management and stakeholders and reduces significantly the time related to particular case processing. 

Courtroom Scheduling, Notification and Calendar Management

The complete calendar feature has two core functions: to show the upcoming schedule, and to prompt users with reminders of important events. It promotes a balanced workflow enabling users to review various time points, such as a specific day, week or month. With a single click, users can verify if a particular date is being linked to a case file, court room and personnel. Being available within the system and supporting Outlook integration, it optimizes the overview for users, specific groups and supervisors. 

Document Storage

Secure, structured and accessible storage together with keeping track of electronic documents is essential for case processing. As part of a vast feature set of collaboration tools, document management is an inseparable element of improving the efficiency of operational workflow. Casedoc provides secure cloud access to critical case data, with an intelligent document structure that relates each file to a particular case or  subject, user-friendly interface that allows multiple actions being effected  with minimal number of clicks. Each document access may be contolled through a number of permissions which enable a fully transparent track change and document lock when necessary.

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