We are happy to announce that important improvements to Iceland’s judicial legislation will be implemented on July 1st, further supporting the evolution of legal proceedings into digital platforms. This legislative support, which encourages the use of cutting-edge technological solutions for handling court cases, represents a turning point in the evolution of the Icelandic justice system.

We at Casedoc are pleased to endorse these developments. Using Casedoc, the Icelandic Courts are now able to expedite and simplify legal procedures by formally allowing the online submission of documents. The increased use of digital solutions in courts as a result of the new legislation will strengthen the effectiveness and accessibility of the legal system.  

Key updates include

  • The mandatory digital submission of documents for certain types of cases, enhancing the seamless flow of information. 
  • The introduction of comprehensive guidelines for electronic confirmations, ensuring all electronic submissions meet legal standards for authentication and verification. 
  • The implementation of remote hearing capabilities is now permanent, allowing participants to engage in court proceedings via video conferencing under specified conditions. 

These updates are in line with international trends and serve as a model for other jurisdictions, marking a substantial step towards the development of a fully digital justice system.

It is a privilege for us to accompany the Icelandic Courts on this journey, assisting them in their dedication to innovation and better legal servicesAs we work with judicial institutions to improve the legal process using state-of-the-art technology, stay tuned for more updates.  

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