Transforming justice through advanced case management

We offer world class justice solutions that help courts and investigative agencies automate information management and workflows, capture and visualize operational data, and simplify and increase public participation.

We Enable Advanced Case Management at 200+ Companies Worldwide

Public Sector Use Cases

  • Courts Automation

  • Benefits Fraud Investigation & Prevention

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Corruption Investigation Case Management

  • Financial Services Fraud Investigation & Prevention

  • Legal Case Management

  • Compliance

  • Automated Public Payments Processing (RPA)

  • Independent Police Complaints Investigations Management

  • Ministerial Communications, also referred to as Parliamentary Questions

  • Correspondence Management

  • Customer/Regulatory Complaints Management

  • Freedom of Information Act Requests

  • Registration, Inspection, Complaints, and Enforcement (RICE)

  • Onboarding and Self-Service Applications

  • Contracts Management

  • Person/Entity of Interest Tracking

Casedoc Virtual Hearing

Turn e-meetings into e-hearings

Casedoc Court Management

Self-managed end-to-end case management

Casedoc Investigation

Pre-build for fast time to value

Track progress with the predefined Justice Scoreboard and reports

Use the Justice Scoreboard to monitor progress for improving efficiency, quality, and justice reforms. The Scoreboard is also an effective tool for comparing multiple state courts, and gaining insight into what is working well and where there is room for improvement. 


Disposition Time

Clearance rate

Number of pending cases.

Modern justice process flow

Casedoc is a SaaS based platform that transforms courts through automation, artificial intelligence, and the streamlining of standard judicial processes including registration, hearings, resolution, and results (verdict) publishing. 


Self-Service (E-filling) workflow for establishing the court case, including stakeholder collaboration to the receiving, using and storing all digital evidence.



Automated, AI enhanced, secure and effective court case management including Judge allocation, courtroom scheduling, lawyer notification, register attendance, and court recording. 



Sophisticated reporting and performance measures at all levels, secure information sharing, electronic signature, publishing of the justice resolution, and collection management​. 


Solutions for Court and Justice Sector

Casedoc offers solutions for a wide range of Judicial institutions and their stakeholders.  The Casedoc solution meets the highest security requirements while offering the many advantages oSaaS platform.  The solution  is highly configurable which makes it easy to meet the needs of every organization and adapt to specific rules and processes. 

General Jurisdiction Courts

Specialized Courts

Court of Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Resolution Committеes & Investigation Teams

Empower impartiality with Semi-Automatic Judge Allocation

Impartiality and transparency are key components of an effective judicial system. Casedoc’s autonomous scheduling algorithm ensures there is no unintentional bias or influence in scheduling judges and thus provides objective case proceedings.  With Casedoc, the judge allocation process is controlled, secured, and impartial.

casedoc court management software


+25 years track record of delivering innovative and mission critical systems 

Improved Productivity

Transform and optimize judicial and investigative processes into automated, configurable, and rules-based workflow which improves  efficiencies at all court case stages.

Impressive collaboration

Casedoc’s built-in collaboration and complete integration with Microsoft Office 365 helps to significantly reduce the disposition time of cases and increase the effectiveness of the system for its stakeholders.  Casedoc empowers teams to collaborate and work more efficiently and smoothly through the synchronization of workflow. Users may retrieve all tasks and next steps from spreadsheets, documents, and emails from a single consolidated access point. 

Open and Secure Access

Casedoc invests significant resources to create and maintain security processes and standards to meet the stringent requirements of the industry for products and services engeneering. All proceses related with data collection, processing, transmission and storing are a matter of classified and secured access.

Full Transparency

Casedoc improves transparency through secure access to information, dashboards, and structured processes.  The system automatically tracks changes so that all involved parties  have the latest information.  With Casedoc, adjudicators and investigators achieve higher quality outputs in less time and with lower overhead.

Higher Quality of Service

Casedoc makes it easier for public sector agencies to react to changes in contemporary environment by integrating smart technology algorithms including Artificial Intelligence.

Trust and Reliability

Casedoc supports the latest information and communication technology standards and optimizes co-operation between local and international judicial authorities .

Improved Decision Making

Casedoc’s powerful reporting engine gives adjudicators and  administrators a comprehensive management tool to track, measure and visualize key performance targets such as Planned vs. Actual duration of particular type of cases, adjudicators and courtrooms availability, and utilization of critical resources.

Low Cost of Ownership

Casedoc is available in the Cloud, benefits from an open architecture, and leverages the latest Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies.  In addition, the Casedoc platform is modular and flexible allowing the system to integrate with existing tools and quickly react to legislative pressures and rapid changes.

High Return on Investment

The combination of all these advantages means Casedoc provides the highest return on investment of any investigative and court case management system.  The team behind Casedoc has decades of experience in helping clients determine and measure the ROI around case management – please contact Casedoc for more information.

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