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REYKJAVIK, Iceland – September 28, 2021 – GoPro, provider of advanced case- and document management solutions, announces the availability of Casedoc Virtual Hearings, a Microsoft Teams-based solution for e-hearings. Casedoc Virtual Hearings turns online meetings into virtual hearings with advanced calendar, information, and participant management.  Hearing participants can securely submit documents to be approved for use in a hearing, and all information is centrally logged to ensure compliance with justice best practices. In addition, Judges and Court Clerks can manage the court’s calendar in one central place versus switching between various overlapping applications. Microsoft Teams with Casedoc Virtual Hearings is an end-to-end solution that provides a single hub for pre-hearing, in-hearing and post-hearing activities.

The Virtual Hearing offering utilizes the latest collaboration and communication technology from the Teams platform, part of the Microsoft O365 product family. Here, Microsoft supported the development of the Casedoc application, ultimately enabling both parties to help justice organizations with their digital transformation. The Casedoc Virtual Hearing app is free to entitled users of Teams and is available in the Teams Marketplace. For North America customers, Casedoc Virtual Hearings is hosted in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC).

The pandemic has forced justice organizations to find new ways to keep their courts open and to work differently to conduct hearings.  The feedback around the increased use of virtual hearings has been overwhelmingly positive given fewer no-shows at court hearings, a reduced burden on participants who struggle to take time off from work or who have childcare demands, less time lost to travel especially for shorter duration hearings, and increased efficiencies for court resources.

“We are extremely excited about this announcement and support from Microsoft. GoPro’s case management software is used by hundreds of institutions to manage and work with information to make critical decisions. This initiative gives us the opportunity to take our industry knowhow and components of our software, embed it into one of the fastest growing collaboration and communication platforms on the market today, and create a solution that supports global justice organizations of all sizes.”, said
Olafur Daðason,
CEO of GoPro
“As we continue to accelerate our solutions for Digital Justice, we are pleased to grow our Microsoft Teams partner channel with offerings such as Casedoc, This combined offering delivers a seamless user experience between Teams, Microsoft 365, and the Casedoc Virtual Hearing app.”
Ellen van Essen
General Manager Public Sector at Microsoft.

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