Casedoc Virtual Hearing

Transforming virtual meetings into virtual court hearings 

The “New-normal” Hearing

Manage evidence, schedule hearings and control participants from a single screen


Create hearings and stay in full control of the hearing process.


Easily start a hearing and connect all parties, chat, share case details, collect files and record.


Quick and easy! Join a hearing from any location and any device.

Pre-Hearing Management

Pre-define court hearing assets by selecting date and time, adding required and optional attendees, specifying roles and selecting hearing and appointment types. 

In-Hearing Managment

Control documents from sidebar and manage what everyone see with audio and video controls available for moderation.

Post-Hearing Management

Video recordings, hearing summary and approved documents available for all parties and sent to attorneys.

Available in Microsoft Teams Appstore

Easy add-on installation accessible from Microsoft Teams application


Conduct hearings virtually and improve real-time collaboration

Availability on the

Available for all Microsoft accounts. Accessible from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Free for all
Teams users

All Microsoft Teams users can add Virtual Hearings from the app store for free


Available in multiple languages to ensure optimal user experience

1-2-3 step

Simplified process alignes multiple communication channels into one platform


Using multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence from Azure to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.


Casedoc is in compliance with GDPR to ensure all data is handled with appropriate care.

Data Encryption

Casedoc leverages encryption to safeguard your data.


Casedoc security is verified by ISO 27001

Supported Features

Video Conference

Conduct hearings virtually and improve real-time collaboration.


Integrated calendar enables users to operate directly through Microsoft Teams application.

Attendees Control

Select attendees and define their role and presence type – required or optional. 

Role Definition

Select a role for each attendee to define their particular part in the hearing.

File Sharing

Secure file sharing enables targeted collection of files and their relation to a particular case.

Screen Sharing

Share entire screen or share it partially, makes sure everyone are on the same page and control what they see in real time.

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