Empowering Scotland’s Justice

Tradition meets innovation with Casedoc Court Case transformation.
Our efforts focus supporting the work of Justice in Scotland. We strive to provide advanced technologies which contribute for fluent judicial processes, levareging the rule of law and promoting access to justice for everyone.

Streamlining Scotland’s Legal Legacy

We drive digital progress and empower Scotland’s Public Justice through innovation and country tailored Case Management Solutions.

Access to justice

Casedoc Court Case Management modern SaaS platform connects Authorities and individuals so they can start legal actions, monitor case progress, access important documents and manage cases more efficiently.

Upholding the Rule of Law

Casedoc empowers the vision for Justice of a just, safe, and resilient Scotland. The delivery of advanced and tailored technologies strengthens and modernises the justice system, ensuring a system in which individuals and communities have trust.

Security, flexibility and core values

Developed and built as a secure and highly customisable platform, Casedoc serves Courts and Tribunals following  fundamental values, such as the sovereignty of the people, the rule of law, transparency, democracy, and justice.

Leading Public Justice to digital excellence

Digital transformation

In our digital world, courts and adjudicative bodies need to quickly adapt and embrace digital transformation to deliver better legal case services to citizens.  

Reduced administrative burdon

The administrative load associated with public sector procurement can be overwhelming. G-Cloud significantly reduces this weight by offering a standardised framework with pre-agreed terms and conditions.  

Simplified procurement process

Traditional procurement process is complex and time-consuming. G-Cloud has streamlined this process, and made it easier for Public Sector organisations to access the services they need.  

Approved G-cloud software
uplifts optimal court performance

Casedoc is part of the dedicated framework set up by the UK Government that revolutionises the way
Public organisations operate and deliver services to their citizens.


The dynamic marketplace offers high level of choice, driving innovation through competition. This ensures that evryone finds the right product at the right price.


The scale of services procured through G-cloud can be increased or decreased quickly if needed.

court case management software


Moving public sector and governmental bodies to the Cloud results in significant cost-savings.


As part of the framework Casedoc, is GDPR-compliant and subject to the framework’s terms and conditions.

court case management software


Due to the eliminatoion of a tender or competition procurement within G-Cloud, Casedoc can be bought and installed quickly. 

Trusted Case Management partner of 200+ Companies Worldwide

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